Mendeley to ORCID; Poster for ORCID Outreach Meeting, May 2014


ORCID Integration Tool consists of ResearcherID and ORCID Integration, Scopus2ORCID, DataCite to ORCID, figshare ORCID integration and others.
ORCID iDs have shown about sixty percents increase thanks to the Integration Tools. On top of the success of the services, I decided to build an Integration Tool called Mendeley to ORCID, based on Mendeley/ORCID API, making easy for Mendeley users to sync with ORCID.
With ORCID Statistics pages, you can find that ORCID considers numbers of iDs, Works, Works with unique DOIs as its key metrics. Mendeley to ORCID potentially boosts these elements as much as possible.


Mendeley, a reference management service, has over 3 million users. Each user has individual profile page, in which you post your institution, works with photo. Mendeley profile becomes something like LinkedIn for researchers. Similar services are lately gaining popularity, for instance 3 millions users in ResearchGate, 9 millions users in Mendeley stands out of these services in terms of quantity and quality of the information in researchers’ registered works, including bibliography of publications, in the profile pages.
Why do Mendeley users register Publications? The answer will be consolidated into the two reasons below:
(I) Mendeley is famous as a reference management tool, and the reference management is regarded as key process for researchers when they gather publications and works in overall workflow of writing papers, such as reference, citing, writing, and publishing. In the process, key identifiers of publications such as DOI and PMID have significant importance when you cite or be cited. Therefore, it is important for researchers to upload their works in Mendeley, where those IDs are explicitly conveyed, to be cited correctly by other researchers.
(II) Given growing attentions on altmetrics, a concept to show how the work has been evaluated, Mendeley readership, as a research evaluation on its impact among its users, stands out among other altmetrics tools (ImpactStory, Altmetric, Plum Analytics, and ReaderMeter etc.). [1][2]
I think that Mendeley gained a host of embracement in evaluation process, because altmetrics tools are tracking article IDs including DOI for research evaluation on its impact, and Mendeley hosts a lot of publications with IDs. Researches may get more readership (i.e. the impact) for their works when they upload publication to Mendeley.


We built an ORCID Integration Tool called Mendeley to ORCID via Mendeley /ORCID APIs in order to hook up Mendeley Publications with ORCID Works, based on the three facts below.
(I) Mendeley and ORCID have been asked a lot to add sync features in the services. They are facing the increasing needs.
(II) Compared with ORCID, Mendeley has more users and more Publications. It is certain that integration helps to increase the ORCID iDs/Works.
(III) Since Mendeley is based on the reference management tool, it features vast amount of publications and documents ID (DOI, PMID, arXiv ID). Therefore this app helps to boost ORCID Works with unique DOIs.


(I) Authorize 1 (Sign in with ORCID iD)
1. Click “Sign in with ORCID” on the right top
Screenshot 2014-05-14 m2id 1
2. Enter the email address and password to sign in to ORCID
Screenshot 2014-05-14 m2id 2
3. Make sure that your information is correct by clicking “authorise”
Screenshot 2014-05-14 m2id 3
(II) Authorize 2 (Sign in with Mendeley account) Sync (sync Mendeley Publications with ORCID Works)
4. Click the “Sync” button
Screenshot 2014-05-14 m2id 4
5. Enter your email address and password to sign in to Mendeley
Screenshot 2014-05-14 m2id 5
6. You see “Mendeley Sync Success” when completed
Screenshot 2014-05-14 m2id 6
Mendeley users are allowed to manage the Publications on the profile page, and to use “Mendeley to ORCID” in order to sync with ORCID Works easily.
(When you create or delete Mendeley Publications, it syncs with ORCID Works data via “Mendeley to ORCID”, making it created or deleted. You cannot do the reverse (“ORCID to Mendeley”).


As mentioned above (3-2) so far we see the advantage of altmetrics in Mendeley when you register the first profile. We expect, however, that ORCID is going to support altmetrics, and that you see the advantage in ORCID when it could be important element.
Furthermore, Mendeley should be able to equip themselves with ORCID integration.
Thus we launch the tool as a beta available only for two years (May 2014 to April 2016). We highly expect that you conduct Mendeley Publications update to sync with ORCID Works, in your research management workflow.


The analysis of ORCID Public Data File 2013 [3] shows that only 20% of the ORCID users registered more than one works, according to The Data Science Lab. It may be that ORCID would provide those who use ORCID iD registration with easy steps to register Works (publications with DOI) . It makes a lot of difference in further deployment process. Mendeley to ORCID is built for Mendeley /ORCID community, and built for helping boost the number of ORCID iDs, Works, DOIs. We expect to meet you at the Outreach Meeting, Tokyo in November 2014 to show the initial six months usage of Mendeley to ORCID, with analysis of overall data.


I am grateful to engineering team of Mendeley and ORCID for allowing us to build this app.
I am grateful to Izui, Saito, Osawa, Takahashi for working hard in building the service via Open API and for joining me in operating it.
I am grateful to Okuyama for helping me making the poster.
I am grateful to ORCID Community Director Rebecca, and also for Laurel, Laura for inviting me to the meeting at Chicago.
I am grateful to my family for supporting me going to Chicago.


1. Keita Bando; (2014); Importance of Mendeley readership on altmetrics based on the Altmetric score; figshare.
2. Ehsan Mohammadi, Mike Thelwall; (2013); Mendeley readership altmetrics for the social sciences and humanities: Research evaluation and knowledge flows; Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology.
3. Paglione, Laura, Robert Peters, Catalina Oyler, Will Simpson, Angel Montenegro, José Francisco Ramírez Monge, Rebecca Bryant, Laurel Haak; (2013); ORCID Annual Public Data File, 2013; [ORCID, Inc].

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