Mendeley WorkShop for ku-librarians August 3, 2012 at Kyoto University Library #kul152


August 3, 2012, I took part in a voluntary workshop among young librarians at Kyoto University, to perform a Mendeley Advisor’s Presentation.

We know that 14 Mendeley Advisors relate themselves to associate in Japan. Two of them come from Kyoto University Library.
Naritatsu Saito, M.D., Ph.D.

Yu Kimura, Ph.D.

When the plan was in progress, I personally made some contact with them to work together, to perform a Presentation.
Since this is a Presentation for Librarians, I asked a person from Swets Japan to do a demonstration about Mendeley Institutional Edition (MIE).

Mendeley explains that it turns out that there are 38,694 users in Japan. While those who sign up with it from domain are 8,931, the institutional accesses include Tokyo viagra online real University (922), Kyoto University (824), Osaka University (486).
# This information are from Piotr Drozd who is Community and Business Intern, Mendeley. Thanks Piotr! 🙂

We found that a number of users come from Kyoto University. That is why Mendeley is a great service for researchers and librarians. We had a meaningful workshop, discussing a lot of viagra online generic arguments and topics after the presentation.

Here’s a summary of my handout at the presentation:

1. My Mendeley story
2. What is Mendeley?
3. What is Mendeley Advisor?
4. What happend to Mendeley in Japan
5. How many users does Mendeley have in Japan?

In 2007, (the year Mendeley was invented) I had an opportunity to launch MyOpenArchive, the Open Access Repository for individuals, to promote Open Access movement personally. After the 3 years, as soon as we learned how Mendeley works, decided to renew MyOpenArchive so that we introduce it around the world in 2010.
In 2011, I was the first Mendeley Advisor in Japan. Then I met William from Mendeley at a conference in Austin, US. Personally I was eager to meet Victor, but we didn’t have a chance to meet in Geneva (we were there). That urged me to go to Mendeley headquarters in London, when fortunately I was in UK to attend a conference in July 2012.

At the stage I introduced where Mendeley came from, how it works, along with its features and MIE. Before visiting Mendeley, I visited Symprectic, which offers institutional repository features with Mendeley, to introduce some of the demonstration I watched.
Late 2011, since a Wired Japan issue featured Mendeley, when Victor visited Japan at the first time, Mendeley broke into the majority in Japanese researchers. Early 2012 MIE was announced, then WS took place in Tokyo, followed by many WS at university libraries. August 1, the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council was the first to pick MIE to embrace in Japan. Hopefully Mendeley achieves further popularity in Japan.

It is awesome that we could hear directly from researchers how the service works. buy cialis usa Several arguments told us what is the merit/demerit and how the demand of users grows.
While institutional demonstration works, performing presentation made it crystal clear how we could discuss further planning of librarians for researchers.
Hopefully we could keep the workshop experiences on, so Mendeley achieves further popularity.

2012年8月3日、京都大学の若手図書系職員を中心とした有志による勉強会ku-librariansにて、Mendeley Advisorとしてプレゼンする機会を頂きました。
日本には14名のMendeley Advisorがいますが、そのうち2人が京都大学に所属する研究者であることを知っていた私は、企画が立案された直後に彼らへ参加を呼びかけ、Advisor3人でプレゼンテーションすることになりました。
齋藤成達先生(京都大学 循環器内科、Mendeley Advisor)

木村 祐先生(京都大学 先端医工学研究ユニット、Mendeley Advisor)

また、図書館員向けのプレゼンということで、スエッツの方にも声を掛け、北さんに機関版のデモをお願いしました。更には、急遽参加に駆けつけてくれた「日本語論文 to Mendeley」開発者の井津井さんにも短い時間でしたがサービスの紹介・デモをして頂いたりと、大変充実した顔ぶれのワークショップになったのでは、と自負しております。



1. 自己紹介を兼ねたマイMendeleyストーリー
2. Mendeleyとは何か?
3. Mendeley Advisorとは何か?
4. 日本におけるMendeleyの話題
5. 日本に、そして京大にどれだけのMendeleyユーザがいるのか?


2011年に日本で初のMendeley Advisorとなり、また海外のカンファレンスでMendeleyのWilliamと会う機会に恵まれました。残念ながらVictorとは同じ場所(Guneva)に居ながらすれ違ってしまいました。そのリベンジを果たすべく、2012年7月、UKで開催されたカンファレンスに参加した後Londonへ立ち寄り、Mendeley社を訪れて念願のVictorとの出会いを実現させたのです。




第152回ku-librarians勉強会 : 「Mendeleyワークショップ」 – Togetter

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